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Category: Class 5

  • Class 5 Dancing Stars!

    I am super lucky to teach class 5 and to have so many talented children! We have 2 dancers who have been showing off their awards this week! Maizie competed in the Kings Festival of Dance and I was lucky enough to be able to attend and see her on stage! Lizzie has also received […]

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  • Class 5 Code Breakers!

    This morning Class 5 were set some maths challenges to solve mysteries! Spheres had to solve a murder mystery at the St George Castle Hotel! There were 32 suspects and the children had to solve 5 clues to help rule out suspects and discover who was guilty! Cubes had a fidget spinner mystery where someone […]

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  • Cricket!

    Inspired by the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup, Class 5 enjoyed a fantastic afternoon of Kwik Cricket! We had a go at batting and fielding and had lots of fun trying to get each other out! Some excellent bowling from Taylor and some very clever batting from Owen who hit the ball out of an […]

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  • Class 5 – Aboriginal Artwork

    We really enjoyed getting to make our own artwork inspired by the aboriginal dot art we explored earlier last term. We each made a design using colours we thought would match our theme. We also wrote some facts about Aboriginal art, what it is and where it comes from. We hope your like our animals.

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  • Class 5 Abandon Ship!

    We were so hot in Class 5 we decided to take all of our tables outside and enjoy the sun while we worked! We have carried on writing our fajita instructions in the sun and had a lovely afternoon.

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  • Fajita Making! – May 2017

    This week we have been busy eating in Class 5! As part of our Around The World topic, we have a particular focus on Mexico. After reading the story of Adelita, we made Mexican fajitas on Monday and are now writing instructions on how to make them. We will post some of the instructions for […]

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  • End of SATs treat!

    Here it is! A special treat for our hard working year 2 children to reward them for their hard work and effort, not just this week but all year. The teachers even managed to get in on the fun too! Here are a few photos, look out for more in the classrooms!      

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  • SATs Breakfast Week!

    250 breakfasts later we have reached the end of our SATs breakfast week! It’s been a busy start to each day but we have loved seeing the children come in and enjoy a happy and delicious start to each day, tucking into pancakes, crumpets, toast, fruit and yoghurts!   Here are some photos from our […]

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  • SATs Timetable – Year 2

    The above table shows the plan for next week and which tests will take place on each day. A letter will follow this week, inviting all year 2’s to join us for breakfast in Class 5 each morning from 8.30am, with a choice of breakfast options provided. The children have worked incredibly hard this year […]

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  • Cinderella and Adelita Role Play – April 2017

    Over the last two weeks we have been reading the traditional story of Cinderella and comparing it to the Mexican story of Adelita, which follows a very similar story line. We have acted out the stories in the role of different characters and talked about how the stories are similar and different. We are now […]

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