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Somercotes Infant & Nursery School

School Vision and Values

School Vision & Values

School Vision

At Somercotes Infant and Nursery School we aim to prepare our children to become responsible citizens in 21st century Britain. We do this through providing an environment and a curriculum that meets the National Curriculum requirements and provides our children with a broad and exciting learning experience in which British values are embedded.

We provide opportunities for our children to learn about and experience:

  • The values of democracy, rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different (or no) faiths and beliefs.
  • The understanding and appreciation of different cultures in school and within Britain.
  • An understanding of how people can influence the decision making process through the democratic system.
  • The importance of identifying and combating all forms of discrimination.

In order to achieve the above these are the values underpinning the teaching and learning in our School:

School Values

To provide a happy, secure and well-disciplined environment where care, respect and understanding exists between all members of the school community.

To promote high standards of teaching and learning in order that all children can develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically to the full extent of their potential.

To develop lively and enquiry minds, the ability to listen, to question and become independent self-motivated learners.

To work in partnership with the whole community and to help and encourage parents to take an active role in their children’s education.

To ensure equality of opportunity for all children.

To enable children to work cooperatively showing consideration and respect for all.

To encourage children to develop a caring and responsive attitude to the environment both locally and globally.

To develop a positive image of themselves, to have self-respect and experience a sense of self achievement.

We all belong!